The NutriHostel solution for Hotels and Restaurants allows to inform the client dynamically about all aspects of the gastronomic offer (menus, ingredients,...), as well as nutritional information (allergens, values, diets,...) and sustainability (presence of local products, CO2e emissions per dish,...) through different digital devices. At the same time, it eases the internal management of Food and Beverage recipes, providing facilities to keep nutritional information updated and offering different automated options for labeling dishes in the buffet.

How does it work?

Manage ingredients

NutriHostel facilitates the creation of a database of ingredients, easily updated in case of changes in brand or supplier of a product. Traceability and control are facilitated with the possibility of a link to the original producer's data sheet.

Create dishes and menus

The recipes can be configured with total flexibility in all its parameters. In the same way the hotelier can create the menu, including a variable part with the menu of the day.

Digital menu

Nutrihostel creates and displays a dynamic digital menu accessible through a QR code and designed with maximum flexibility in terms of image, structure and way of accessing the menu.

Extensive information

For each dish NutriHostel has a wide range of information that can be selected by the customer: picture, ingredients, nutritional values, diets (e.g. vegan), contained or potential allergens, storytelling of the dish, percentage of local ingredients contained in the dish, CO2e emissions, etc.


Dynamic Gastroinfo
Allergens and diets
Digital labels

Internal processes

Recipe management
Digital menu
F&B sales boost
Reports & Costs


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